Fiction . . . Read It . . . Write It . . . Share the Passion

Are you a bona fide fiction bookmate? Take the following short quiz:

Does your heart feel a magnetic pull whenever you pass a library or bookstore?

Once inside, do you experience a thrill of pleasure at the limitless possibilities around you?

Does the sight of a closed book create an undeniable urge to open the cover? Or does a blank sheet of paper make you itch to pick up your pen?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you're the real deal. I invite you to join with me in celebrating the art of storytelling.

Reading and writing are the two faces of this art. Both are solitary activities. To satisfy the need for community, some bookmates band together in book clubs or writers' groups. Others limit their sharing to a close friend or spouse. This venue offers another outlet for those who cherish the fiction experience, whether curled up with a good book or banging away at the keyboard.

We will explore a number of book genres. I will offer my own suggestions and ask you for yours. You will be able to read about and order the books I have written. You will have access to writing tips based on my many years of experience. You will be able to share your own tips and experiences as well. Together we will form a vibrant community of bookmates whose purpose is to open new vistas for our reading pleasure and encourage the expression of our own creativity.

Welcome, and come on in.

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